It packs even faster, can now pack instrument of almost any size and features completely new AI-driven software. The second generation of the R-APPIT sets a completely new automation standard for processing cleaned medical instrumentation.

R-SOLUTION Medical launched the first generation of the medical packaging robot in 2019, which automates the packaging process at the Central Sterilization Department (CSA). In doing so, the R-APPIT contributes to the continuity, quality and efficiency of this crucial hospital department.

Integration of artificial intelligence

Since its launch, work has continued behind the scenes to further develop the medical packaging robot. One important innovation is the application of an AI-driven vision system. That system automatically determines the dimensions of the instrument set and, based on that, chooses the optimal packing method and the required amount of wrapping material.

Wider range of packaging dimensions

The renewed medical packaging robot packs as desired with the 1- or 2-phase method, supports the folding protocol of CSAs and is compatible with packing rolls in different thicknesses from all known suppliers. Thanks to the updated software, instrument nets in a wider size range can now be processed automatically.

Increased throughput

The second generation of the R-APPIT also packs faster than its predecessor. This has increased the packing capacity of the medical packing robot to 525,000 instrument nets per year when the robot is in use 24/7. Several minor innovations, such as the addition of a double taper roll holder, will be showcased at the World Sterilization Congress taking place Oct. 18-21 in Brussels.



R-SOLUTION Medical accelerates growth ambitions with participation

Ramphastos Investments, the investment company of entrepreneur and investor Marcel Boekhoorn, has become a shareholder of R-SOLUTION Medical, pioneer in the field of automated packaging of reusable medical instruments for hospitals and healthcare institutions. Founded in 2017, the company expects to accelerate its national and international growth ambitions with Ramphastos Investments’ investment.