Ramphastos Investments, the investment company of entrepreneur and investor Marcel Boekhoorn, has become a shareholder of R-SOLUTION Medical, pioneer in the field of automated packaging of reusable medical instruments for hospitals and healthcare institutions. Founded in 2017, the company expects to accelerate its national and international growth ambitions with Ramphastos Investments’ investment.

Checking, packaging, and sending reusable medical instruments to the right medical department is traditionally carried out manually at Central Sterilization Departments of hospitals. Working in the medical sector, founders of R-Solution Medical, Mariska van der Vliet and Niels Welling saw great opportunities to improve this process.

Continuity and efficiency

Mariska van der Vliet, says: “Repackaging cleaned medical instruments is monotonous and hard work that must be executed with high precision and according to strict protocols.

Hospitals increasingly struggle to find and retain suitably qualified staff for this purpose.” Niels Welling adds: “Our ambition was to come up with an automated total solution that could pack medical instrument trays and improve the logistics process. This led to the development of the R-APPIT medical packaging robot.”

More sustainable and safer

R-Solution has now installed two of its patented packaging robots in hospitals and talks are taking place with several medical institutions and renowned international distributors.

Bram Kingma of Ramphastos Investments comments: “R-Solution Medical is responding with its packaging robot to developments in the medical sector, such as the shortage of personnel, the demand for sustainability and the ever-higher quality requirements in the field of packaged medical instruments. The R-APPIT medical packaging robot is more hygienic, works faster, more accurately, and more reliably than the current hand packaging method packaging.”

Great potential

Kingma therefore sees great opportunities for the company: “The packaging robot, which is now running in two hospitals, is compact enough to be placed in existing and new sterilization departments. Moreover, it quickly saves 25% of wrapping material. This results in a significant contribution to sustainability and efficiency within hospitals, without compromising the quality of the final product. We therefore believe that the R-APPIT medical packaging robot has the potential to become a permanent part of every modern medical institution, both in the Netherlands and abroad.”



Second-generation R-APPIT: faster, smarter and more complete!

It packs even faster, can now pack instrument of almost any size and features completely new AI-driven software. The second generation of the R-APPIT sets a completely new automation standard for processing cleaned medical instrumentation.

New R-APPIT on display for the first time at WFHSS 2023

R-SOLUTION Medical is launching the second generation of its medical packing robot at the World Sterilization Congress (WFHSS 2023). The congress will take place from October 18 to 21 at SQUARE convention center in Brussels. The updated R-APPIT can be found at booth 1.19.