R-SOLUTION Medical is launching the second generation of its medical packing robot at the World Sterilization Congress (WFHSS 2023). The congress will take place from October 18 to 21 at SQUARE convention center in Brussels. The updated R-APPIT can be found at booth 1.19.

WFHSS 2023 is the leading scientific congress on sterilization in hospitals. The congress is organized by the World Federation for Hospital Sterilization Sciences (WFHSS) and the Association for Sterilization in Europe (ASTER). Brussels brings together experts, professionals and suppliers in the fields of sterilization, disinfection, infection prevention and quality management in healthcare.

Consistent, protocol-based packaging

Patient safety is one of the key themes of WFHSS 2023. The launch of the all-new R-APPIT fits seamlessly into that theme. Fully automated packaging of cleaned medical instruments ensures that it is always done consistently according to protocol. There is also no chance of human material getting into instrument nets during packaging, which helps reduce post-operative wound infections.

Reduce post-operative wound infections

The second-generation R-APPIT features AI-driven software. The robot now packs even faster and can handle instrument nets of almost any size. In the process, the robot automatically selects the correct packing method and pack size fixed, reducing wrapping material use by up to 28 percent. Over ten years, this saves* 31,795 kg of medical waste and reduces* 533,811 kg of CO2 emissions.

*at 100,000 trays per year compared to manual packaging.



R-SOLUTION Medical accelerates growth ambitions with participation

Ramphastos Investments, the investment company of entrepreneur and investor Marcel Boekhoorn, has become a shareholder of R-SOLUTION Medical, pioneer in the field of automated packaging of reusable medical instruments for hospitals and healthcare institutions. Founded in 2017, the company expects to accelerate its national and international growth ambitions with Ramphastos Investments’ investment.

Second-generation R-APPIT: faster, smarter and more complete!

It packs even faster, can now pack instrument of almost any size and features completely new AI-driven software. The second generation of the R-APPIT sets a completely new automation standard for processing cleaned medical instrumentation.