R-SOLUTION Medical is a rapidly growing medtech company based in the Netherlands. In our view, every patient deserves to have their cleaned medical instruments packaged in the safest manner possible before their surgery. Consistently following protocols and always traceable. That is what drives us at R-SOLUTION to collaborate with CSSDs to elevate the quality, efficiency, and continuity of the packaging process to a new level.

Meet the Team

With a dedicated team of medical and technical professionals, we develop and deliver innovative solutions for CSSDs. We would love to get in touch with you.

Mariska van der Vliet

Founder and partner

Niels Welling

Founder and partner

Natascha Admiraal

Office manager

Mark Vijver

(Inter)national sales manager

Bastian Eenink

Head of engineering

Tristan Bakkerus


Chris Pastoor

Field support specialist

More efficient and sustainable

In 10 years, at 100,000 trays per year.

Savings in labor costs
0 KG
Reduction in CO2 emissions
0 KG
Reduction in medical waste


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Our dream is for cleaned medical instruments to be packaged in a consistent, high-quality manner worldwide.

We would also like to work with you to enhance the quality, efficiency and continuity of the packaging process.